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William Wagener vs. Judge Beckloff / Att. John Branca / Att. Howard Weitzman

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  • William Wagener vs. Judge Beckloff / Att. John Branca / Att. Howard Weitzman

    Dieses thema steht in verbindung mit dem thema "Wieder einmal erhebt jemand Mißbrauchsvorwürfe! .."

    Das postete William Wagener am 01.10.2014 auf facebook: NEWS FLASH:
    Los Angeles CourtHouse
    1 October 2014 -
    Wm Wagener for
    O.S.T. - reporting

    Probate Senior Judge Beckloff has just given Wade Robson's Attorney MaryAnn Marzano, filed a slightly sloppy broad Complaint, and Judge Beckloff, not only gave her clear chance to AMEND it, so it could "go forward" to trial, but Judge Beckloff, even suggested how to amend it, which is NOT the Judges job to do for members of the BAR of California, such as Atty. MaryAnn Marzano is. She is a big girl, now, and should not need encouragement by Judge Beckloff. People without an attorney are entitled to such help from a Judge, if he wants to give it, but Attorneys are expected to KNOW the Law. There was almost a wink and a nod between Beckloff and MaryAnn Marzano, which makes me think, the deal is already rigged to once again attack Michael Jackson, and this time, Estate Attorneys, John Branca et al, are making sure Thomas Mesereau & Susan Yu will NOT be allowed to defend Michael Jackson. The Defense response in Writing was sufficient on its face and the Judge should have ruled against Wade Robson! But is was not as complete, in my opinion, as Thomas Mesereau and Susan Yu, would have done.
    Objections for even filing so late after the statutory law requirement should have gone up to the US Supreme court or California Supreme Court, first before we ever got to THIS hearing. But it was not done. Why? Now John Branca will be forced to pay himself and Howard Weitzman $millions more to defend MJ, and Atty. Howard W. has a history or settling out of court. As Thomas "Hurricane" Mesereau is apt to say, and has said already [ ] . Some will not see the connection, but the Richard Fine [ex atty] sued some folks, and then appealed on basis that all L.A. judges take OPEN bribes from the County of Los Angeles, illegally and the 3 judge appellate court agreed. Said it was a Penal Code (crime) and ordered in effect that the 300+ L.A. judges pay back the money. L.A. Judges were making more money that the USA Supreme Court justices! Then because of Atty. Richard Fine won and the Appellate Court agreed with Richard Fine, Judge Yaffe, one of the 300+ bribe taking L.A. judges tossed Atty. Richard FINE, in jail for 18 months, for "contempt" of Court for .... wining. So When did you ever hear of an attorney with a spartan clean record, and international reputation being held in "contempt" for winning his case at the Appeals level, and one of the Defendants gets to toss him in jail, because... Mr. Fine refused to pay the legal costs of the losers [ i.e. the 300+ crooked judges] . And why should Fine pay the costs for the losers the crooks of court? Judge Beckloff was one of those crooked bribe taking Judges.
    Atty. Gary Zerman did an interview on this Sturgeon case and Richard Fine years ago. [ ] .
    This wrong ruling sets up a bad president for suing people long after they are dead, and can not effectively assist in their own defense. In this case, Robson is either lying now, which is most likely, or ... he was lying in 2005. Either way Wade Robson is a liar and has zero credibility.
    But on the other hand, John Branca and Howard Weitzman, who are friends with judge Beckloff, will now get to pay themselves millions of $ more from the Estate of Michael Jackson to defend, so its a win -win either way for John and Howard. Not a win win for the Legacy, Sainthood, and message of Michael J. Jackson. ... which was to Heal the World. Apparently, Wade Robson can only be "healed" with millions of dead Michael Jacksons $$$$ money. And Atty. MaryAnn Marzano will take a fair chunk to heal her so she can write better Complaints, if any out of Court Settlement is done, or if it goes to a judge or jury trial and the judge or jury, think to themselves, "well , what the hell, MJ is dead, what difference does it make, if MJ was innocent, there is a pile of Billions $ there (piled up by the MJ fans). MJ won't miss a few million given to down and out failure as a dancer performer, Mr. Wade Robson, so lets share the wealth, & give him some".
    And is it NOT interesting, that in Mid August, Thomas Mesereau sat down in his office and expressed grave concerns. And now we see Thomas "hurricane" Mesereau was right to be concerned. If Tom and Susan had been immediately hired by John Branca, this case would have been effectively shot down IMMEDIATELY. And todays hearing would never have happened.
    At worst it would still be on appeal at the highest courts for violation of procedure, that the case was filed WAY WAY too late.
    So one really has to wonder why Atty. John Branca did NOT immediatly call Thomas "hurricane" Meserau & Susan Yu, and let Tom M. blow away all the liars bull crap, like he did in 2005.
    If MJ was alive, this case would still be highly suspect, because Robson testified the opposite in 2005. As to Safechuck, he did not say anything in 2005 court, and he would have standing, to sue a LIVE michael Jackson, and better standing to sue a dead. But ... the filing deadline was missed, so both should be automatically denied, without hearing.
    Not Only the Reputation of Michael J. Jackson suffered today, as a result of the wrong ruling of bribe taking Judge Beckloff, but... the integrity of the Justice system itself suffered a major wound. And the California BAR association also lost what little credibility it had left, because it should have stood up with Richard Fine, instead of "dis" Barring Richard Fine, while he sat in L.A. jail for 18 months for committing no crime. just being in contempt of crooked Judge Yaffee, who finally released Fine, and immediately then retired as a crooked judge.
    What is most disturbing is the wink & nod mannerism of Judge Beckloff with atty. MaryAnn Manzano in today's so called "hearing"... Since the public is often shut out of Beckloff court room, it more and more resembles a "Star Chambered Torture dungeon" like in the days of Old Europe. Thats when whistleblowers like Joan of Arc would be strapped down on a wheel and stretched , turtured until they "confessed" the way the prosecutors demanded. No Judge did not actually "wink", but you can read the wink in the transcripts when and if they come public.
    Shame on the Corrupt L.A. Courts of California. This will lead to another dozen men claiming molestation... and MJ is not hear to defend himself. Judge Beckloff is long over due to be removed from office for multiple reasons and I would say, crimes in office, going back to the Sturgeon Case and bribe by L.A. County that Richard Fine pointed out so long ago. But then.. the LA judges got SP x2 11 passed in Feb. 2009, which transmuted their felonies [by judge taking bribes] into "incentive pay" and worse made them Retro-ACTIVE law. That only happens in NAZI style states, does it not? William Wagener - for On SECOND Thought & Take Back America Tv.

    MJ Legacy, Pending disaster, OMG

    Michael Jackson's Lead Defense Attorney, Thomas "Hurricane" Mesereau, does Exclusive Interview with William Wagener, Host of O.S.T. Tv on 16 August 2014, exp...

    Da führt er ganz schön harte klöpper gegen richter Beckloff an, zit.:

    " ... Judge Beckloff was one of those crooked bribe taking Judges. ..."

    Und das ist nicht die einzige bemerkung der art ..

    "...What is most disturbing is the wink & nod mannerism of Judge Beckloff with atty. MaryAnn Manzano in today's so called "hearing".."

    War denn W. Wagener mit im gerichtssaal, dass er eine solche beobachtung beschreiben könnte ? ...
    ... und nur zwei sätz weiter hebt er das ganze scheinbar wieder auf ..

    "... No Judge did not actually "wink", but you can read the wink in the transcripts when and if they come public. .. "

    ... bzw. nicht ganz, er lässt seine vermutung dann doch lieber in der luft hängen ... ein ganz besonderer kenner, der einen verschwörerischen 'wink' zwischen den zeilen zu erkennen vermag.

    Ich wünsche Mr. Wagener viel glück auf seinem feldzug , anhänger und der MJ fans hat er ja genug ...

    Für mich hat der typ ein rad ab und kennt sich nicht mehr aus in seinem hass z.b. in diesem auf Branca, Weitzman u. a.

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    Um den AEG vs. Jacksons Thread etwas zu ordnen, kann man die Wade Robson Thematik hier weiter erörtern.

    Hierzu die erste Meldung aus dem Thread, die vor Tagen die Gemüter erhitzte:

    Zitat von Christine3110 Beitrag anzeigen
    was tatsächlich passiert ist dies:

    Wade Robson, jetzt 30 Jahre alt, der 2005 T-MEZ u. MJs stärkster Entlastungszeuge war , hat Klage gegen MJs Estate eingereicht.
    Um was es ganz genau geht ist nicht klar, da die Anschuldigungen versiegelt sind. Es soll ein Gutachten von einem Kinderpsychiater beiliegen.
    Ein Sprecher des Estates sagte, dass man später eine Erklärung abgeben werde.

    Los Angeles (CNN) -- A dancer-choreographer filed a claim against Michael Jackson's estate related to alleged child sex abuse by the late pop icon.

    Wade Robson, now 30, denied in testimony at Jackson's child molestation trial in 2005 that he had been molested by the singer.

    The details of the allegation are sealed by the Los Angeles probate court where Robson's lawyer filed the claim last week, according to a court document obtained Tuesday by CNN.

    The deadline has long passed for creditors to file claims against Jackson's estate, but Robson is asking the probate court to allow him to file a late creditor's claim.

    The sealed documents include an affidavit from Dr. David Arrendondo, a San Francisco-based child psychiatrist, the filing said.

    Jackson was acquitted of child molestation charges in 2005, partly based on the testimony of Robson, his sister and his mother.

    "It's absurd," said Tom Mesereau, the lawyer who successfully defended Jackson in the trial. "He was one of the strongest witnesses for the defense at Michael Jackson's criminal trial in 2005. He was adamant under oath that he had never been molested at any time."

    A Neverland housekeeper testified that she saw Jackson showering naked with Robson during a visit in the early 1990s, but he denied it at the trial.

    "He withstood very aggressive cross-examination by the prosecutor," Mesereau told CNN Tuesday. "He stood his ground and never wavered in saying Michael Jackson had done absolutely nothing improper to him."

    The 2005 trial in Santa Barbara County, California, centered on charges that Jackson had molested a 13-year-old cancer survivor who often visited his ranch. He was also charged with plying the boy with alcohol, conspiring to abduct, extort and falsely imprison the child and his family. He was acquitted on all counts.

    "I've known Michael for a long time. I've spent many hours talking to him about everything. I trust him. I trust him with my children," Joy Robson, the mother of Wade Robson, testified when called as a prosecution witness.

    Robson said she let Wade, who was then 7, and daughter Chantal sleep in Jackson's bedroom from the first visit.

    A spokesman for the Jackson estate said the executors may issue a statement later.

    Mesereau said it was "suspicious timing" for the claim to be filed at the start of the trial of the Michael Jackson wrongful death case, in which Jackson's mother and children are suing concert promoter AEG Live.

    AEG Live lawyers have said they would bring up the child molestation charges against Jackson as part of their defense.

    Ein gefundenes Fressen für Diane Dimond, die spekuliert, dass Wade Robson nun mit der Wahrheit herausrücken wird u. zugibt, von MJ missbraucht worden zu sein.

    Da will mal wieder einer was vom Kuchen!


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