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NEWS: Rehearsals Move to L.A. Arena

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  • NEWS: Rehearsals Move to L.A. Arena

    Rehearsals Move to L.A. Arena
    25th June 2009

    By Roger Friedman

    Michael Jackson’s rehearsals for his London shows have now moved, full throttle, to the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

    The Jackson crew had to wait until the L.A. Lakers were done with their season. The Lakers won the NBA championship last week. Now it’s time for the King of Pop.

    My sources say that, despite rumours and potential lawsuits, the Jackson extravaganza is taking shape nicely. Michael, they say, is determined to be in shape for the shows. The occasional doctor’s visit or odd public outing is just for publicity.

    In preparing for the 50 London shows, Jackson has at last signed former manager Frank DiLeo to oversee the proceedings. DiLeo was Jackson’s manager during the ‘Thriller’ era. He’s also pretty much the only associate of the singer’s who didn’t rip him off, hasn’t sued him, or written anything bad about him.

    The Staples rehearsals will proceed until next Friday, when the whole thing is packed up and shipped to London on July 3rd. That will leave a 10 day countdown until the first show at the O2 Arena. Stay tuned…

    Source: Showbiz 411 & MJackson.NET

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