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Dr. Arnold Klein

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  • Wenn die meldung von vom Januar 2011 korrekt war ... dann hat er wohl grosse geldsorgen - insolvenzantrag.
    Guckst du hier.
    Er wird wohl nicht anders können, als auch diese stücke zu geld zu machen.
    Vielleicht kann jemand mehr info ... hab Dr. Kleins bankrottfolgen nicht weiter verfolgt.
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    • Zitat von cori79 Beitrag anzeigen
      Wieso verkauft er seinen gesamten Hausstand? Das sind doch auch alles persönliche Dinge, Erinnerungen....
      Wertvolle Dinge, die für mich unverkäuflich wären.
      Hat er große Geldprobleme?
      Ich weiß ja nicht wie vermögend er ursprünglich war ?
      Aber das was er da verkaufen möchte, wenn es alles Originale sind, haben sie schon einen gewissen Wert.
      Man sagt ja nicht umsonst, Immobilien und Kunst sind die besten Wertanlagen.

      Für Möbel und Autos gibts halt nicht viel auch wenn es teure Möbel und Autos waren.
      Nichts verliert so schnell an Wert wie Autos und Möbel.

      Kunst sogar noch mehr, Kunst steigt im Listenwert immer wenn sich ein Künstler erst einmal etabliert hat.
      Die Bilder von Andy Warhole und Keith Haring haben auf jeden Fall einen ziemlich hohen Wert. Ich gehe mal davon aus das es Originale sind.
      Und die Sachen, die mit Michael zu tun haben, werden sicher für Michael Fans interessant sein, die auch ein bischen Kleingeld haben.

      Solche Fans wird es ja sicher auch geben die wohlhabender sind als ich
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      • klein hat ja immer einiges bei FB gepostet. nun ist alles weg,
        man kann nur noch seine freunde sehen. Lee ist mit ihm befreundet. hm....
        er gehört zu den wenigen personen, über die ich mir keine meinung
        bilden kann, ich denke mal so und dann wieder so.
        aber pleite kam der mir nie vor. aber auch hier, man weiß ja nie.....


        • Wollte Dr. Klein nicht mal eine clinic in Bahrein (???) aufmachen?
          Oder war das nur eine ente?


          • Ein Blick auf Arnold Kleins Ausverkauf:


            • Zitat von Brigitte 58 Beitrag anzeigen
              klein hat ja immer einiges bei FB gepostet. nun ist alles weg,
              man kann nur noch seine freunde sehen.
              Hier gibt es "NEUES" von Dr. Klein zu lesen, der aus seinem Herzen keine Mördergrube macht und mehr oder weniger Interessantes zu berichten weiß:


              So z.B. dieser Artikel:

              looked what they did to his song---Michael's death

              Arnold W. Klein

              In December1995, Michael Jackson agreed to merge ATVMusic Publishing with Sony Music Publishing, a divisionof Sony Corporation,to form Sony/ATV Music Publishing. In2012, afterhis death and based on entirelyfraudulent Will an investorconsortium led by Sony/ATVMusic Publishing andMichael Jackson Estateacquired EMI Music Publishing for approximately $2.2 billion Sony/ATV MusicPublishing and EMI Music Publishing now operateas one company,with the former entity administering the catalogof the latter under a complex business structure. Following the acquisition, Sony/ATV Music Publishing is now the largest music publishing company in the world with over 2 millionsongs under management. John Branca had a separate deal with Sony as Michael always complained and Sony recently bought Epic so with the amount once held by the Prince of BahrainMichaelʼs Legacy is the property ofAnchutz,Branca and Weitzman
              In2007 Dr Kleinʼs medical practiceʼs accountancy firm
              Zone and Peltier sold their business to Muhammad Khilji who as soon as he began to work for Klein began to embezzle and steal funds in collusion with Klein’s old accountant JeffreyZone. Jason Pfeiffersoon joined him inhis endeavors and others came into their group RichardCharnley, Brad Boyer, Todd Gallinger, Robert Lorsch, Bob Yasmin and David Rish MD: This group would ultimately steal every cent that Dr Klein had to his name. To understand how this happened we have to throw in a pivotalevent and the blame thatwasplaced on Klein. Just rememberthe name Lorsch

              Phillip Anshcutz is an evil man who was deeply involvedin the death of Michael Jackson.As Mr. Jackson stated to me“Tohme Tohme is a monster “he Told me Ihadto do 30 shows or lose Neverland, my music catalogue and even my children. Klein I am not stupid it’s the Catalogue.” InitiallyJack Wishna brought Michael to Las Vegas from Ireland.He came to Vegas to prevent the foreclosure on Neverland.He was fine when he landed but after his family arrived he became so physically and mentally disabled he could not even do two shows a month. Wishna told Michael “you can’t do these shows right now and we have to put these shows on hold .Wishna would be found dead in is car of Carbon Monoxide poisoning inNovember 2012. Why would Wishna commit suicide?
              After Wishna Tohme Tohme, a notorius Lebanese-American conman became Jacksonʼs business manager (a friend of Jermaineʼs.) He contacted fellow Lebanese-American Tom Barack.Barack had a relationship with Neverland's loan holder, Fortress,and was able to get an extension to give his Colony team time to crunch the numbers.He bought the loan on Neverlandand said to Michael "Where you are is an insolvablepuzzle unless you are willingto go back to work I will presiding over a funeral.” Colony agreed to bail out Michaeland in return,the firm would take ownershipof Neverland and arrange for AEG, the concertpromoter owned by Barrackʼs friend Phil Anschutz, to stage a comeback.
              Now realizewhat is about to happenis a total monstrous set-up.AEG was not interested inMichael at all they just wanted his Music Catalogue which contained the music of Michael, the Beatles, and anyone else you can name. This was the Holy Grail they desired!Michael was right!

              Barack and William Bone also owned Sunrise Colony, which held the mortgage onConrad Murrayʼs Las Vegas soon-to-be-foreclosed on home in the Red Rock Country Club. Incidenatally William Bo ne’s old estate in Santa Inez wa s
              o r i g i n a l l y s o l d t o J a c k s o n w h o t u r n e d i t i n t o Neverland !
              While the media and AEG portrayed Michael as a drug addict he was addicted to one thing Propofol! The forwarded email was sent by Dr. Hoefflinto a memberof the production team on the Geraldo show.Of particularnote is the part about Hoefflin spending time with Katherine Jacksonand Michael's children. Hoefflin was issued a cease and desist order by MichaelJackson in 2002/2003 after a VH1 special. What connection could Hoefflin have had with the Jacksonfamily? Hoefflin states that the issue with Jackson'sface was caused by Dr. Arnold Klein (Jackson's dermatologist and friend)and the skin bleachingthat had to be done to treat Michael's Vitiligo.It is alleged that Hoefflin gave Michael between 20and 30 nose jobs. How could the bleachingof skin cause facial distortions?
              Stories about Dr. Hoefflinand his inappropriate behaviour riddlethe internet. In a BBC story it is alleged that Dr. Hoefflin" examined the singer'sgenitals on anotheroccasion - when he was supposed to be operating on his face." The articlealso has a colleague of Hoefflin's testifying how Dr. Hoefflin:
              "On multiple occasions Mr Jacksonwould be anesthetised and the clocks in the operatingroom would be turned ahead by hours. MrJackson would then be revived, lookaround the room, and settle back to sleep, at which time the clocks would be reset to reflectthe correct time"This scheme gave Mr. Jackson the perception that he had just undergonea nasal surgeryof several hours, when in fact he was only unconscious for several minutes."
              What did Hoefflinuse to anaesthetize Michael? Propofol?Who really got Michael addicted to Propofol? Is the agent of Michael's death right under the nose of KatherineJackson? Hoefflin seems to have spent a considerable amount of time pointing his fingers elsewhere. Could it have been to divert suspicion from himself? Hoefflin used to tour with Jacksonjust to give him Propofol. Frank DeLeo,John Branca and Howard Weitzman all knew ths fact. Michael k n e w Conrad Murray since 2 006 a n d Murray was always broke.The folks a t Sunrise Colo ny kn e w this and knw Murray was up to his neck in debt. .He had already been thrown off the staff of various hospitals and that is how they found the incompetent Murray to care for Michael Jackson. Even Michael when he first met Murray in06 thought he was a quack. He use to call him Dr. Duck. I rememberin 2006 an emergency call from Las Vegas. There was a group of strange Doctorsin Michael’s Suite at the Mirage . I charted a Jet and threw the strangegroup who had given Michael Propofol inVegas out of his room.
              An unforeseen complication arose when Barack received a call from the fatherof Prince AbdullahAl- Khalifa of Bahrainwho was suing Mr. Jackson in Londonʼs High Court for $7 million plus damages.I had a met a associateof Prince Abdullah in London late one night at the 4Seasonʼs hotel and he was someoneyou wanted a part of! Barack knew the King of Bahrainfrom Sardinia, where Barack owns much of the Costa Smeralda. Jacksonhad apparently forgotten that while being hosted in Bahrain,he had signed over the rights tohiscatalogue to PrinceAbdulla Al-Khalifa for 7 milliondollars. Colony then also had to buy out the Prince. Jacksonthen moved into a gated $100,000-a-month mansion in Bel-Airand began to prepare for a run of now 50 concerts (!) in London he never could orwould ever be able to do!

              He was struggling physically and heavily medicated by Conrad Murray who could barely start an IV. Michael Jackson died from a sedative overdose, eighteen days before thefirst concert from Murray’s incompetence. They all knew of Michael’s problem with Propofol, If they hired a Physician he had to proficient with Propofol. Howard Weitzman knew that Jacksonwas on Propofol the last half the”History Tour according to his physician but remained silent. I discussed Michael and Propofol and with Weitzman during the 2004 Botox trial but he went senile I gueddIn the frenzyof posthumous adulation of Jackson, it was hard to find a radio station that wasnʼt playing Billie Jean or Beat It .Barrack watched as Jacksonʼs value spectacularly soared. "This Is It," a documentary about Jacksonʼs preparation for the concerts, grossed $261 million, a recordfor a concert film, and the Jackson estate signed a seriesof lucrative deals, including a video game and a Cirque duSoleil show. Whatʼs amazing is, like Whitney Houston, he attained in death what he could never attained in life. It may be an obvious observation, but itʼs one with huge financial potential, Michael became the Mozart of Pop!
              Backto the Tale :
              1)AEG had not predicted Jacksonwould die, but they certainly helped it along by hiringthe incompetent Murray to care for Michael.
              2) Anshutz, Barack , Phillipsand Tohme Tohme shouldbe on trial for Michael Jacksonʼs death as accomplices because commonly criminal offences involve individuals who act at a distance, providinginformation, transportation, and supplying the Propofol
              3)he Jackson family attempted an intervention 5 days before he died with Dr Honzel of which few people are aware
              4)All knew what Murray was doing up there for that is the reason the long standingNanny Grace quit.
              5)Murrayʼs total incompetent.
              6)I never knewMurray was there but Michael was not himself the last time I saw him,prior to resigning with Branca
              7) Now realizeSony/ATV Music Publishing is the now the largestmusic publishing company in theworld andis co-owned by Sony Corporation and the Estate ofMichael Jackson. Michael hated Sony! The company was originally foundedas Associated Television (ATV) in 1955 by Lew Grade. In 1985, ATV Music Publishing was sold to Michael Jackson for $47.5 million. SupposedlyPaul McCartney,David Geffen and his one time Attorney he depised John Brancatold Jackson about theimportance of owning publishing, but it was Michael himself who learnedthis when he paid for the funerals ofallthe Super Stars who died penniless.
              8)Sony/ATV Music Publishing owned the publishing rights to most of The Beatles' songs In December 1995, Michael Jackson agreed to merge ATV Music Publishing with Sony Music Publishing, a division of Sony Corporation, to form Sony/ATV Music Publishing.
              9)In 2012, after his death and based on entirely fraudulent Will an investor consortium led by Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Michael Jackson Estate acquired EMI Music Publishing for approximately $2.2 billion Sony/ATV Music Publishing and EMI Music Publishing now operate as one company, with the former entity administering the catalog of the latter under a complex business structure. Following the acquisition, Sony/ATV Music Publishing is now the largest music publishing company in the world with over 2 million songs under management.

              10)Jason Pfeiifer and Richard Charmley illegally released my records on Jackson to Randy Phillips of AEG.. During the AEG trial Randy Phillips called me the the Demerol Doc. I was blamedfor things I never did and the doses of Demerol I never used. Harvey Levin claimed and still does that I used 51 shots of Demerol, but I used half the dose. Remember Levin-Weitzman- Phillips, Branca are now all together.
              11)I rebuilt Michael’s face and they owe me 70,000 for rebuilding Michael’s face. Hoefflin had a cease and desist order against him but Levin kept quoting him Levin kept quotinghim as part of their planAfter Michaels death TMZʼs Harvey Levin turned my life into chaos after the illegal releaseof my medical records o nMichael Jackson to Randy Phillips of AEG by Jason Pfeiffer. This chaos allowedThe JacksonEstate to be settled with a Will that is a total Fraud. How could Michael possibly sign a Will in LA on a day he was in NYC(7/7/02) speaking in Harlem?
              12)Furthermore Michael had shown me his true Will and this was not it.
              Also Michael had called my office a week before he died lookingfor an anesthesiologist. I never knew Murray was there.
              13)Contrary to what people think Michael was not an junkie but Hoefflin years ago got him dependent on Propofol to sleep when he was under stress. They all new it !

              14)To hire Murray who was totally incompetent was not Michael's choice.When Michael stayed at my house there was no drugs, no lawyers,no thieves, no vultures…just Us and the kids!
              15) just remember John Branca had a separate deal with Sony as Michael always complained and Sony recently bought Epic so with the amount once held by the Prince of Bahrain Michaelʼs Legacy is the property ofAnchutz,Branca and Weitzman
              16) Everyone knows who killed Trayvor Martin, now you know who killed the Mozart of Rock.

              Weitere Themen/Artikel:

              It was the Jackson Catalogue they
              wanted all along.

              Trying to kill Dr Arnold Klein , Michael
              Jackson's friend and all the fraudulent

              You're still the Top.

              a HIPAA Violation- illegal release of
              Michael Jackson's records to AEG

              attempted homicide,mortgage fraud and
              bank fraud-welcome to America 2014


              • Danke für den Post, aber für mich ist die ganze Geschichte derart undurchsichtig, wer die Wahrheit sagt und wer nicht, welche Motivationen hinter den jeweiligen Behauptungen wiederum stecken, dass ich erst gar nicht mehr versuche, den heiligen Gral dahinter zu finden.
                Hab mir neulich erst so ne Sendung von Verschwörungstheoretikern im TV angekuckt, die Argumente brachten, warum die Mondlandung niemals stattgefunden hätte. Das Dumme ist, dass sich das alles immer ganz plausibel anhört, wahrscheinlich deswegen, weil man selbst nicht viel Ahnung hat. Gleich im Anschluss kam dann ne Sendung, in der Argumente gebracht wurden, warum die Mondlandung doch stattgefunden haben soll. Momentan würd ich sagen, ja, die waren tatsächlich da oben. Aber wissen tu ich's nicht, war schließlich nicht dabei.
                Ach ja und noch etwas zu diesem Arnold Klein. Der hat ja behauptet, der biologische Vater von Prince Michael zu sein. Hab die beiden Nasen (auf Fotos!!) miteinander verglichen und mir ein Jugendfoto von Klein angekuckt. Ich würde sagen, zumindest in diesem Punkt könnte er Recht haben.


                • Arnold W. Klein hat Arn Kleins Foto geteilt.

                  vor 16 Stunden

                  the doses of Demerol I used

                  I was gone all of May and these are the doses I used on Michael in June,,,,,Levin and Phillips lie!

                  Gefällt mir · · Teilen


                  • Nun wird auch die ROLEX versteigert, die Dr. Klein von Michael Jackson geschenkt bekam als Prince geboren wurde.
                    View information about this sale in Los Angeles, CA. The sale starts Saturday, December 13 and runs through Sunday, December 14. It is being run by Munyon & Sons Estate Sale Services


                    • auch hier nochmal
                      Einer der früheren Leibärzte von Michael Jacksonist tot. Dr. Arnold Klein (Spitzname: „Arnie“) war mehr als ein Vierteljahrhundert lang der Doc des Vertrauens für den King of Pop, wenn es im Hauptprobleme ging. ‚TMZ‘ schreibt heute, dass der Dermatologe am Donnerstagnacht in Palm Springs verstorben ist.
                      Vor vier Tagen sei Klein (70) mit Unterleibsschmerzen ins Krankenhaus eingeliefert worden. Die Ärzte konnten wohl nicht viel für ihn tun, denn am Donnerstag starb er um 19:50 Uhr eines natürlichen Todes.


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