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  • Kenny Ortega Spricht Zu Oprah Winfrey

    Am gestrigen Freitag hat Talk-Show-Moderatorin Oprah Winfrey Produzent und Regisseur Kenny Ortega zu Gast. Im Trailer zur Sendung sieht man, dass das Interview über Michaels letzte Tage geht. In ihrer ersten Ausgabe dieses Jahr, hat Winfrey in der ersten Sendung ein Spezial über ihr Interview mit MJ im Jahre 1993 gebracht.

    Quelle: Harpo, MJ-Upbeat & JAM-FC


    • Hab hier auch was....

      MICHAEL JACKSON's ex-wife DEBBIE ROWE is demanding $500,000 (£333,333) in damages from an alleged confidante as part of her ongoing defamation lawsuit.
      Rowe, who gave birth to the King of Pop's two eldest children, took legal action against Rebecca White in July (09) after the Florida resident gave a controversial interview to U.S. TV show Extra.
      White revealed contents of an email allegedly sent by Rowe about the custody battle over Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11.
      Rowe denied sending the email and filed suit accusing her of defamation and invasion-of-privacy.
      Her attorneys have now revealed she is seeking in excess of $500,000 (£333,333), partly to recoup any money that White may have been paid for the interview.
      Rowe is also seeking $100,000 (£66,667) for emotional distress, $45,000 (£30,000) for medical and attorney's fees and $245,000 (£163,333) in punitive damages.
      White has failed to respond to the lawsuit and Rowe has requested a default judgement on the case. A further hearing has been scheduled for November (09).
      Jackson clan matriarch Katherine was made permanent guardian of Rowe's kids with the singer, along with seven-year-old Prince Michael II, aka Blanket, born using an unnamed surrogate, after the superstar died in June (09).
      Rowe has been granted limited visitation rights.

      19 October 2009

      Jacksons Ex-Frau D.Rowe verklagt falsche Freundin auf eine halbe Millionen Dollar


      • AllGood-Entertainment will 300 Mio. Entschädigung

        AllGood Socks Jackson Estate Hard

        Posted Oct 16th 2009 8:30PM by TMZ Staff

        AllGood Entertainment is now going after Michael Jackson's estate in the battle over profits from the upcoming movie "This Is It," along with revenues from the Sony catalog -- and the company wants more than $300 million!!!

        Michael Jackson

        AllGood previously filed suit against Michael Jackson, AEG Live and Frank Dileo for $40 million -- that's when Jackson was alive. Now AllGood filed an amended lawsuit today in federal court, which now includes the estate of Michael Jackson. The original defendants are still named in the amended suit.

        AllGood sued because it claims Dileo acted as Jackson's agent and agreed to a Jackson family reunion concert and that got torpedoed when the London concerts were booked.

        As for why the demand has swelled from $40 mil to $300 mil, AllGood says it never anticipated that Jackson would die and that a movie would be made, which now ups the ante.

        AllGood is AlsoSuing John Branca and John McClain, co-special administrators of the estate.

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        • Kino-Vorverkauf von BISS stellt Michael Jackson in den Schatten

          Der Vorverkauf des zweiten Teils der Twilight-Saga "New Moon - Biss zur Mittagsstunde", der am 17. Oktober um Mitternacht startete, verspricht nicht nur einer der Kino-Hits des Jahres zu werden, sondern bricht außerdem alle bisherigen Rekorde. Bereits an den ersten Tagen wurden deutschlandweit über 150.000 Tickets verkauft. Die riesige Nachfrage führte dazu, dass nur wenige Stunden nach Mitternacht der gesamt Vorverkauf von Michael Jacksons "This is it" übertroffen wurde.


          Anmerkung von Newsman:
          "Wie kann man eine Saga wie "New Moon" mit einer zusammen geschnittenen Dokumentation einer Konzertreihe vergleichen?. Für uns unvorstellbar. Verkaufszahlen sollte man nach Film-Typ Staffeln."



            MICHAEL JACKSON's hit track WE ARE THE WORLD is set to raise even more money for good causes - the release form signed by the superstar to give the single proceeds to charity is to go under the hammer at a benefit auction.
            The piece of paper, which the superstar signed in 1985, donated all the royalties from the song to aid famine relief in Africa.
            The track hit the number one slot in nearly twenty countries and raised $63 million (£42 million), and it is now set to do even more good when the release form is sold at an entertainment memorabilia auction benefiting the VH1 Save the Music Foundation.
            The sale, which takes place on 21 and 22 October (09) in Connecticut, also features the leather jacket worn by the King of Pop in his 1988 video for Dirty Diana, as well as a set of handwritten lyrics.
            Other items to feature in the sale include guitars owned by Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix, Prince's stage outfits and Johnny Cash's treasured carved walking stick.

            20 October 2009



            R'n'B singer Ne-Yo has revealed he wants to be ''one of the first'' people to watch the musical documentary about his idol's planned tour.

            Ne-Yo wants to be "one of the first" to watch 'Michael Jackson's This Is It'.

            The R'n'B star - who has often spoken about his adoration for the late pop singer and paid tribute to him at the BET awards with a rendition of 'I'll Be There' - is determined to watch the musical documentary at the earliest possible opportunity.

            He said: "All I've seen so far is what they've shown on TV - the little trailer that's all I've seen. But I'm definitely looking forward to being one of the first in a theatre somewhere to check that out."

            The film is due to air on October 28 and will document the rehearsals for Michael's planned 50-date London residency 'This Is It'.

            Meanwhile, the 29-year-old singer-songwriter has also spoken about his determination to follow in the 'Thriller' singer's footsteps.

            He added to "Michael Jackson is half the reason I even sing. I've talked about how I learned to sing listening to Mike and Stevie Wonder and people of that nature. He's still an inspiration to me. I aspire to be what he was, as far as musically, as far as philanthropy and you name it, Michael Jackson was cream of the crop and I'm just trying to follow in his footsteps."

            20 October 2009


            Quelle: Contact Music



              MICHAEL JACKSON's former lawyer is suing the King of Pop's estate for $3 million (£2 million), amid allegations the late singer destroyed his reputation by accusing him of fraud.
              Sidney Lanier represented Jackson in a 2005 case against former porn mogul Marc Schaffel, who claimed the Thriller hitmaker failed to repay a $2.3 million (£1.53 million) loan and compensate him for setting up two TV specials.
              Jackson countersued Schaffel alleging he was the one owed money, but after that lawsuit was settled, the pop superstar then refused to pay his legal costs and filed suit against Lanier alleging fraud.
              The lawyer claims Jackson's actions tarnished his good name and insists he was put through "two years of expensive, stressful litigation and ridicule..." as a result of the fraud accusation.
              Lanier is now demanding compensation and an apology from the Jackson estate for his treatment.
              According to documents obtained by, Lanier admits he wishes Jackson was still alive today so he could say sorry in person.
              He writes, "(I) wanted him to apologise for his action against me; because of his tragic death that can never happen."
              Jackson died from an accidental drug overdose on 25 June (09).
              Lanier's legal action is the latest in a string of lawsuits to hit the star's estate - a concert promoter is suing for $300 million (£200 million) for breach of contract, while a memorabilia collector is also taking action for items he bid on in a Jackson auction.

              20 October 2009


              'Love Sex Magic' singer Justin Timberlake has always ''gravitated'' towards Michael Jackson, even though never understood the ''pandemonium'' that followed him around.

              Justin Timberlake thinks Michael Jackson's songs were "99.79 percent perfect".

              The 'Love Sex Magic' singer - who has previously cited the late 'King of Pop' as his musical icon - has always "gravitated" towards the 'Bad' singer's musical hits despite not understanding why he was famous.

              He said: "Growing up in Tennessee, I never really understood the phenomenon that was Michael Jackson or the pandemonium that followed him around.

              "I just heard certain songs that I loved as a kid and I gravitated toward those songs. It just so happens that 99.79 percent of his songs are perfect. They're perfect songs. The other whatever percentage are works of art as well."

              The 28-year-old chart-topper's dance skills have often been compared to Michael's trademark moves, but Justin claims he has never deliberately tried to "imitate" the late 'Thriller' singer.

              He told MTV news: "You don't imitate it, but you know when you have something that he had. You could tell he was just excited about the music he was doing. That's the feeling that you get sometimes and that's when you feel like the king - but other than that, not so much!

              "That type of energy, that kinetic energy into the music, I think that's what we all try to emulate. From hip-hop to pop to rock and roll, I think that there's inflection that he put into music as a vocalist that no one had ever really heard that way."

              21 October 2009



                The performers on U.S. reality show DANCING WITH THE STARS paid tribute to the late MICHAEL JACKSON on Tuesday (20Oct09), thrilling fans with a number of King of Pop-themed routines.
                The professional dancers on the series showed off their moves to three Jackson songs to honour the singer's memory and his influence on dance culture.
                The tribute was introduced by the superstar's sister La Toya, who watched from the audience with her mother Katherine and brother Jermaine, as dancers, wearing iconic Jackson costumes with single white gloves and red leather jackets, kicked the routine off with Jackson 5 hit I Want You Back.
                La Toya told the crowd, "Michael liked all kinds of choreography. He liked Dancing With the Stars. He was a fan of the show."
                The dancers went on to perform to Man in the Mirror and Thriller, mixing ballroom style with classic Jackson moves.

                Lesen sie auch: "Dancing With the Stars" Ehren Michael Jackson
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                  MICHAEL JACKSON's mum KATHERINE has spoken out about reports she has dumped all her attorneys and linked up with BARBRA STREISAND's legal eagle cousin, insisting the man she hired after her son's death is still her leading lawyer.
                  Despite reports to the contrary, the Jackson family matriarch has confirmed Londell MCMillan remains her "personal attorney".
                  In a statement released on Friday (23Oct09), she says, "Despite false reports, he was never replaced or terminated. I have substituted probate counsel. We have and will continue to work with other lawyers, where appropriate."
                  Jackson hired the services of Adam Streisand earlier this week (beg19Oct09).
                  Her latest comments come after MCMillan told the press he had been sidelined in the ongoing probate case between the Jacksons and the administrators of the King of Pop's will, but had not been fired.
                  He said, "I am not completely out."

                  24 October 2009



                  The administrators of MICHAEL JACKSON's estate are facing another creditor's claim - from an accounting firm demanding $56,582 (£37,720) in outstanding payments.
                  Bosses at Cannon and Company accuse Jackson of failing to pay the sum for services rendered earlier this year (09), reports
                  The accounting bill is the latest financial matter the pop star's estate has had to deal with.
                  Last month (Sep09), the Jackson estate officials were faced with a creditor's claim from a Las Vegas security firm over an outstanding 2008 bill totalling $261,169 (£174,113). The King of Pop's personal hairstylist, Lynda Parrish, has also lodged a claim for unpaid wages.

                  24 October 2009



                  MICHAEL JACKSON's sister LA TOYA has opened up about the superstar's children - insisting they are still traumatised by the singer's tragic death.
                  Jackson's mother Katherine was granted full custody of Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and seven-year-old Prince Michael II aka Blanket, after the superstar passed away in June (09) and the trio moved into her home in Encino, Los Angeles.
                  La Toya admits it is heart-breaking to watch the youngsters deal with such a devastating loss.
                  She says, "Paris talks about her father all the time. She writes a lot and wears his shirts every day. They still smell of him and it helps her feel close to him. Her bedroom is covered in posters of Michael and she watches tapes of him all the time.
                  "Prince just doesn't want to speak about it. He won't even watch the DVDs - he just walks straight past the TV. It's too soon, too touching. I do worry about him very much. And Blanket is just a very sad, shy little boy. He cries - he really does cry. No one can bring his daddy back - and it hurts so much. They all go to therapy and I truly hope Prince especially will be able to open up there."

                  24 October 2009

                  Source: Contact Music


                  Joe Jackson will receive Humanitarian Award on behalf of Michael Jackson

                  Jackson will accept the festival's Humanitarian Award at Pocono Mountains Film Festival closing banquet Saturday night. Jackson will be accepting the award on behalf of his son Michael.

                  The Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will join Michael Jackson's father at Saturday's awards presentation for the Festival, organizers said Thursday.

                  Festival founder Bridget O. Davis of Tannersville said she was contacted late Wednesday with Sharpton's request to present the Humanitarian Award the festival will give to Joe Jackson on behalf of his late son. Sharpton made the offer because of his friendship with Joe and Michael Jackson, Davis said.

                  Jesse Jackson will accompany Sharpton and Joe Jackson, she said.

                  Joe Jackson also will receive a Lifetime Achievement award for his role as the founding force behind the Jackson 5 and Michael's career. The presenter for that award had not been chosen, Davis said.

                  "When they found out that Joe was receiving the award, they had been wanting to come to the Poconos anyway, to meet with me because they heard a lot about this event," Davis said.

                  She said they were impressed with how the seven-year-old festival has attracted high-profile entertainers and, while run by a black woman, includes all races and ethnicities.

                  "It's not a black film festival, it's a film festival opened to all," she said.

                  Joe Jackson will stay at the Meadowbrook Inn in Tannersville, but Jesse Jackson and Sharpton will travel from New York City on Saturday, Davis said.

                  The film festival was in negotiations to bring Michael Jackson to this year's event when the singer died in June, Davis said. Instead, Joe Jackson agreed to appear at the four-day festival, which includes independent film screenings, panel discussions and presentations at Pocono Community Theater in East Stroudsburg.

                  The banquet is being held Saturday at Peppe's Ristorante in East Stroudsburg at 6:30 p.m.

                  On the net:



                  • Mit dem Jackson-Virus infiziert

                    Die Auferstehung des King of Pop

                    Hollywood inszeniert den Hype um den Tributfilm für Michael Jackson «This Is It» auf sozialen Netzwerken wie Facebook und MySpace. Auch Schweizer Verleiher experimentieren mit dem Internet-Filmmarketing.

                    Von Christian Jungen

                    In der Nacht auf Mittwoch aufersteht Popstar Michael Jackson – im Kino. Der hastig fertiggestellte Film «This Is It» feiert im Rahmen eines globalen Mega-Events Weltpremiere. Zeitgleich mit der Galavorstellung in Los Angeles gibt es in mehreren Metropolen Premieren, darunter New York, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, Seoul, Zürich und Lausanne. Die Vorstellungen beginnen hierzulande nachts um 3 Uhr, sie waren im Nu ausverkauft. Für das erste Wochenende haben sich bereits über 10 000 Schweizer Karten gesichert. Der Dokumentarfilm von Kenny Ortega zeigt Jackson wenige Tage vor seinem Tod bei den Proben für die geplanten Abschiedskonzerte in London. «This Is It» soll dem oft als kranken Zombie analysierten Sänger das humane Antlitz des künstlerischen Genies zurückgeben.

                    Rezensionen wird es am Mittwoch in den Zeitungen keine geben. Das Verleihstudio Sony Pictures verzichtet auf Pressevorstellungen – man wolle den Film für die Fans zum überraschenden Erlebnis werden lassen, wie ein Konzert. «This Is It» läuft deshalb nur zwei Wochen im Kino. Die Fans haben längst in der ersten Reihe Platz genommen – vor dem Computer. Auf Facebook, Twitter und MySpace beglückt sie Sony seit Wochen mit Filmausschnitten, Songs und Verlosungen.

                    «Mit diesem Mix aus Film, Musik und Entertainment hat das Marketing eine neue Dimension erreicht, die es in dieser Art nicht mehr geben wird», erklärt Matthias Keller, Marketingchef des Schweizer Verleihs Disney. «Das Internet hat in Jacksons gesamter Karriere eine zentrale Rolle gespielt, darauf bauen wir auf.» Allein die Facebook-Gruppe «Michael Jackson This Is It» zählt schon über eine halbe Million Fans, mehr als doppelt so viele, wie der letzte James Bond an sich band. 73 Prozent der amerikanischen Kinogänger haben ein eigenes Profil auf Facebook oder MySpace (in der Schweiz werden es etwas weniger weniger sein). Dies ist das Resultat der eben veröffentlichten Studie «Moviegoers 2010». Darum hat Sony eine gigantische virale Kampagne gestartet. Viral heisst es im Branchenjargon deshalb, weil sich die Informationen einem biologischen Virus gleich in kürzester Zeit von Mensch zu Mensch übertragen. Besonders wirksam sind solche Aktionen bei Filmen mit Stars, deren Privatleben ohnehin im Internet verhandelt wird, sowie bei Blockbuster nach berühmten Vorlagen, etwa Comics oder Games.

                    Früher organisierten die Studios oft Vorpremieren für Coiffeusen, Taxifahrer und Kellner, die vermeintlich keine hohen Ansprüche stellen und im Alltag viel Smalltalk betreiben. Heute tritt das Netzgeflüster an Stelle der Mundpropaganda. Es leistet aber noch mehr: Meldet man sich von der Website von «This Is It» aus bei Twitter an, muss man deklarieren, ob man den Trailer gesehen und bereits Kinokarten gekauft hat. Auf diese Weise kann Sony seine Werbung permanent justieren. Eine zentrale Rolle im viralen Marketing spielen Clips. Allein auf YouTube wurde der Trailer zu «This Is It» über 7 Millionen Mal angeschaut – und mit fünf von fünf Sternen bewertet.

                    Die sozialen Netzwerke sind aber ein zweischneidiges Schwert. Enttäuscht ein Blockbuster die Erwartungen, spricht sich das blitzartig herum. Viele Kinogänger schreiben Kommentare auf ihre Facebook-Pinwand oder senden Freunden eine Bewertung per SMS. Der Comicverfilmung «Watchmen», die Warner Bros. mit Facebook als Partner promotete, wurde just die Vernetzung des Zielpublikums zum Verhängnis. Sie wurde ein Flop.

                    Inzwischen versuchen sich auch Schweizer Verleiher im Filmmarketing 2.0. Pionierin war Pipilotti Rist, die für «Pepperminta» eine umfassende virale Kampagne initiierte: 1357 Fans traten ihrer Facebook-Gruppe bei, 26 500 schauten sich auf YouTube ihre Trailer an. Der Blog kostete über 15 000 Franken, im Kino sahen den Film aber erst 13 000 Zuschauer. «Wir werden die Online-Schiene aber sicher weiterfahren», sagt Monika Weibel, Geschäftsführerin des Verleihers Frenetic Films. «Ein positiver Effekt der <Pepperminta>-Kampagne ist, dass wir viele Interessenten für unseren Newsletter gewonnen haben.»

                    Auch der Verleiher Filmcoopi experimentiert mit viralen Kampagnen. Er promotet den Dokumentarfilm «Rocksteady» über die Wurzeln der Reggae-Musik auf Netzwerken. «Unser Ziel ist es, Informationen über den Film in bereits bestehende Gruppen von Reggae-Fans einzuspeisen», erklärt PR-Frau Nadine Adler. Wichtig sei, den Nutzern einen Mehrwert zu offerieren, deshalb verlost Filmcoopi regelmässig Premierenkarten oder Poster.
                    Interesse wecken, ohne zu nerven

                    Die Gretchenfrage lautet: Gehen die Fans auch ins Kino? Die Studie «Zugang Jugendlicher zur Filmkultur» aus dem Jahr 2008 (welche Facebook & Co. nicht berücksichtigte) legt eher den Schluss nahe, dass Internetnutzung per se und Kinobesuch nicht korrelieren. Sonys Kampagne für «This Is It» ist denn auch nach dem Motto «Connect, share and shop» konzipiert, der Kartenverkauf, Fanartikel oder der MP3-Shop mit Jackson-Songs sind nur ein Click von der Filmsite entfernt.

                    So weit gehen hiesige Verleiher nicht. Die Medienpsychologin Isabel Willemse hat für Columbus Film eine Facebook-Fansite gegründet und dort Hinweise auf «Giulias Verschwinden» placiert: «Es ist jeweils eine Gratwanderung zwischen Interesse wecken und nerven.» Klar ist: Positive Kommentare in Netzwerken geniessen hohe Glaubwürdigkeit. Drei von vier Befragten erklärten in der «Moviegoers»-Studie, sie trauten der Meinung von Freunden mehr als jenen von Filmkritikern. Diese vermögen ihre Leitfunktion dann aufrecht zu erhalten, wenn sie selber im Internet präsent sind.


                    • Die Familie des verstorbenen King of Pop († 50) behauptet: In der Dokumentation über die Proben zur geplanten Comeback-Konzertreihe in London ist gar nicht Jackson zu sehen! Zumindest nicht immer.

                      Für besonders beeindruckende Tanzszenen und Nahaufnahmen seines Körpers wurden offenbar Doubles eingesetzt. Mit ihnen wurden Passagen nachgedreht, damit es im fertigen Film besser rüberkommt.

                      Jacksons Vater Joe (80) und seine Schwester La Toya (53) sehen diese Tricks als Betrug an den Fans.

                      Joe Jackson hat bereits zwölf Minuten von „This Is It“ zu sehen bekommen, sagte der britischen Zeitung „News of the World“: „In diesem Film werden Körper-Doubles gezeigt, daran besteht kein Zweifel. Ich glaube, die Leute werden das nicht mögen.“

                      La Toyas Geschäftspartner Jeffre Phillips bestätigt: „Ich habe alle diese Trailer gesehen, aber ich glaube bei den meisten Bildern nicht, dass es Michael ist. Er war nicht fit genug. Ich habe sogar Ausschnitte gesehen, bei denen ich gedacht habe: Das ist nicht Michaels Stimme. Das ist erschütternd für La Toya.“

                      Auch der US-Konzert-Promoter Terry Harvey bestätigt gegenüber „News of the World“: „In den Ausschnitten, die ich bisher gesehen habe, hat Michael noch nicht einmal live gesungen. Er hatte nämlich Probleme. Mir wurde erzählt, dass sie seine Gesangspassagen gestückelt haben auf der Bühne, so dass man, wenn er nicht live singen wollte, auf Playback umschalten konnte.“

                      Ein weiteres Indiz für die Mogelei: Auch ein britischer *****-Imitator bestätigte, ein Angebot bekommen zu haben, in dem Film mitzuspielen.

                      Sony Pictures war nicht bereit, die Vorwürfe zu kommentieren.

                      Der Film startet am Mittwoch, soll nur zwei Wochen in den Kinos laufen.

                      Anmerkung von oOAngeltearsOo :

                      Ob man gerade Joe, La Toya und vor allem der Bild glauben soll. Ich bin mir nicht sicher !
                      Zuletzt geändert von oOAngeltearsOo; 26.10.2009, 03:27.


                      • Quelle: Contact Music

                        90210 STAR WAS JACKSON'S THIS IS IT LOVE INTEREST

                        90210 star MEKIA COX was all set to be MICHAEL JACKSON's leading lady during his THIS IS IT comeback shows.
                        The sexy actress/dancer, who plays DJ Sasha on the hit TV show, can be seen strutting her stuff in Jackson's This Is It movie, in which she plays the King Of Pop's object of affection as part of the rehearsed stage performance of The Way You Make Me Feel.
                        Tatiana Thumbtzen played the girl in the song's 1987 video.
                        Cox also plays a zombie bride in the Thriller segment of the new movie, which was pieced together from footage filmed during rehearsals in Los Angeles and intended for Jackson's private video library.

                        28 October 2009



                        Late 'Thriller' singer Michael Jackson has earned $90 million since he died on June 25, and has been named the third Top-Earning Dead Celebrity.

                        Michael Jackson has earned $90 million since he died.

                        The late 'Thriller' singer - who passed away from acute Propofol intoxication on June 25 - came third in's annual Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list with the huge financial haul.

                        Michael was the highest ranking deceased singer, after bringing in the enormous sum from radio play, royalties from album sales, rights to his name and royalties from his stake in the Sony/ATV music catalogue.

                        Since Michael's shock passing there have also been numerous sales of memorabilia, iconic outfits and even a lock of his hair.

                        Forbes Senior Editor Matthew Miller said: "The money might be drying up in Hollywood, but there's still plenty of cash being made in the graveyard. The earning power of dead celebrities is more powerful than ever before."

                        Elvis Presley dropped down from first position last year to fourth this time round with earnings of $55 million.

                        He was replaced at the top by fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent who raked in a staggering $350 million for his famous clothing label and from the sale of his art collection early this year, following his death in June 2008.

                        Songwriting duo Rodgers and Hammerstein - full name Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II - earned the second highest figure with revenue made from their popular Broadway musicals, including 'Oklahoma!', 'Carousel', 'South Pacific' and 'The Sound of Music'.

              's top ten Top-Earning Dead Celebrities:

                        1. Yves Saint Laurent - $350 million

                        2. Rodgers and Hammerstein - $235 million

                        3. Michael Jackson - $90 million

                        4. Elvis Presley - $55 million

                        5. J.R.R. Tolkein - $50 million

                        6. Charles Schulz - $35 million

                        7 = John Lennon - $15 million

                        7 = Dr. Seuss - $15 million

                        9. Albert Einstein - $10 million

                        10. Michael Crichton - $9 million

                        28 October 2009


                        ALICIA KEYS LOVES 'SHINING' JACKSON

                        'No One' singer Alicia Keys can't wait to see her musical icon Michael Jackson ''shining'' on the big screen.

                        Alicia Keys can't wait to see Michael Jackson "shining".

                        The 'No One' singer - who has always cited the late 'Thriller' singer as her musical icon - is excited about being able to see him recaptured on the big screen with 'Michael Jackson's This Is It'.

                        She told MTV News: "I have to say that I am absolutely a fan of Michael Jackson. He will always be an icon to the world. And I feel like I have always celebrated his genius and his beautiful heart. And I'm excited to see 'This Is It', because I love to see his songs and I love to see him shining."

                        Despite looking forward to seeing her idol one last time - in the documentary film created from the rehearsal footage from his planned London residency - she is expecting it to be emotional.

                        She explained: "I think it's going to be a mixture of emotions. I think there is going to be some sadness there, because I think we all felt like we lost him too soon.

                        "He was obviously celebrated and obviously appreciated. But I wish that in the last, later years, he was even more celebrated and appreciated. But regardless of the fact, there's no denying he's incredible. It will hopefully show his triumph."

                        'Michael Jackson's This Is It' is released today (28.10.09).

                        28 October 2009



                        The man behind MICHAEL JACKSON's post-death expose UNMASKED has turned his attention to BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE, taking aim at the real stories behind their romance in a new tell-all book.
                        Ian Halperin's Brangelina Exposed, which will hit bookstores on 1 December (09), chronicles the Hollywood couple's courtship, suggesting the Mr. & Mrs. Smith stars aren't as in love as lead fans to believe.
                        A press release promoting the new tome reads, "Brad and Angelina have successfully manipulated the public into believing a glamorous fairytale that bears little resemblance to the reality of the pair's life together."
                        Publishers tease readers with more details, suggesting the author will reveal the "real reason" behind Pitt's split from ex-wife Jennifer Aniston and the key figure who "orchestrated" Jolie's "makeover into a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador".
                        Halperin also investigates the rift between Jolie and her father Jon Voight.

                        28 October 2009



                        MICHAEL JACKSON's kids will see their late father's concert rehearsal movie THIS IS IT at a private screening on Tuesday night (27Oct09).
                        The two Prince Michaels and Paris have been invited to the Sony Studios lot in Los Angeles, so they can see their dad in action one last time - on the same night international journalists get to see the film for the first time.
                        Their uncle Jackie is the only family member who has confirmed he has seen the film - he attended a screening last week (22Oct09), and called the movie "truly riveting".
                        Sources close to the Jacksons tell the kids have been sick with the flu for the past week, but they're well enough to attend the screening tonight.
                        Their aunt La Toya has confirmed most of the Jackson clan will be boycotting the film, because they feel sure Michael would not have wanted rehearsal footage released as a film.

                        27 October 2009


                        • Eishockey-Team in USA Ehrt MJ

                          Gibt es in den USA unter den Eishockey-Fans auch Fans von MJ? Dann sollten die sich heute abend zu dem Spiel der "Bakersfield Condors" gehen, denn dort gibt es die Aktion "King of Pop Jersey Raffle and Auction."

                          Das Team wird diese in dieser Nachricht gezeigten Jerseys verlosen. Darauf sieht man einen Kondor mit MJ Hut! Außerdem bekommen die Gewinner weiße Handschuhe. 5 Gewinner werden ausgelost.

                          Freien Eintritt gibt es für die Fans, die nachweisen können, daß sie Michael Jackson oder Billie Jean heißen.

                          Quelle. LA Times Blog & JAM-FC


                          • europaticker: Neugier wird bestraft:
                            Betrüger locken mit vermeintlichen Ausschnitten aus neuem Michael Jackson-Song

                            Cyberkriminelle versenden derzeit gefälschte CNN-Mails, die den Empfänger auf manipulierte Webseiten locken sollen. Dies meldet das IT-Sicherheitsunternehmen Trend Micro. Die Betreffzeilen der Mails lauten etwa The brand new song by Michael Jackson was released - listen now (Der neue Song von Michael Jackson ist veröffentlicht worden - jetzt reinhören).

                            In der Nachricht wird behauptet, man könne sich einen 45-sekündigen Ausschnitt aus Michael Jacksons neuem Song "This is it" anhören. Klickt der Nutzer jedoch auf den in der Mail integrierten "Listen online now"-Button, wird er zu einer manipulierten Webseite weitergeleitet. Von dort wird Malware auf den Rechner geladen, welche Daten ausspioniert und an die Betrüger leitet. Empfänger der Mail sollten diese umgehend löschen. Außerdem sollte der Antivirenschutz stets auf dem aktuellen Stand gehalten werden.

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                            Warnung vor gefährlichen Michael Jackson-Mails


                            • «Michael liebte seinen Vater»:

                              Joe will Geld aus dem Jackson-Erbe

                              Ich bin arm, ich brauche das Geld meines Sohnes - so argumentierte Michael Jacksons Vater Joe bereits vor einem US-Gericht. Nun legt der Familien-Patriarch noch mal nach, und beschuldigte die Nachlassverwalter des Betrugs.

                              Joe Jackson will Geld aus dem Erbe seines berühmten Sohnes - und erhebt kurz vor der Beginn einer weiteren Anhörung zum Erbe schwere Vorwürfe gegen die Verwalter von dessen Nachlass. Ein Anwalt von Joseph Jackson reichte am Montag ein 60-seitiges Gesuch ein, mit dem erreicht werden soll, dass Michael Jacksons Vater Geld bekommt. Im Testament war er ausgeschlossen worden.

                              Vor einem Gericht in Los Angeles hatte Jackson senior bereits einen Antrag auf monatlichen Unterhalt in nicht genannter Höhe gestellt. Er habe kein festes Einkommen und sei auf das Geld seines Sohnes angewiesen, behauptet der 81-Jährige. Es gäbe «keine Rechtfertigung», dass er nichts aus dem Nachlass erhalte, macht Joe Jackson geltend. Allein in den ersten sieben Wochen seit dem Tod des Sängers im Juni hätten die Erben bereits über 100 Millionen Dollar (rund 67 Millionen Euro) verdient, rechnet er vor.

                              In dem von Joseph Jacksons Anwalt Brian Oxman eingereichten Unterlagen wird den Nachlassverwaltern John Branca und John McClain vorgeworfen, sie hätten Michael Jackson betrogen. Der Sänger habe vor allem Branca mehrere Verbrechen vorgeworfen, darunter Unterschlagung und die Verschiebung von Geld auf Konten im Ausland. Deshalb habe er die Beziehung zu dem Anwalt auch abgebrochen. Oxman räumte aber schon am Montag ein, dass die Vorwürfe gegen Branca möglicherweise nicht nicht richtig seien.

                              «Es geht nicht darum, ob die Vorwürfe wahr oder falsch sind. Es geht darum, dass Jackson das glaubte und die Beziehung deshalb beendete.» Branca und Jackson trennten sich 2006, kurz vor Jacksons Tod kehrte Branca dann zurück. Ein Anwalt von Brancauand McClain, Howard Weitzman, nannte die Vorwürfe völlig unhaltbar. Sie verdienten nicht einmal eine Antwort.

                              Michael Jackson hatte seinen Vater in dem 2002 verfassten Testament nicht erwähnt. Die Beziehung zwischen beiden galt als belastet. Oxman erklärte aber, Vater und Sohn hätten sich versöhnt: «Michael liebte seinen Vater.» (AP)

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                              • Eminem can 'relate' to jackson death

                                Rapper EMINEM has compared his own battle with drugs to the death of MICHAEL JACKSON - insisting he can "relate" to the late King of Pop's problems with pills.
                                The Thriller hitmaker passed away in June (09) after suffering a cardiac arrest, believed to be linked to a high dose of surgical-strength anaesthetic Propofol.
                                Reports suggest the singer spent years battling an addiction to prescription drugs before his habit ended in tragedy.
                                Eminem also endured a drug addiction, popping as many as 20 pills a day at the height of his problems, and nearly lost his life after an accidental overdose of methadone.
                                And the hip-hop star admits the news of Jackson's passing resonated with him - because he can understand the pain of a prescription drug habit.
                                He tells Complex magazine, "I definitely can relate, and it's a shame if he didn't have anybody there to just say, 'Michael, you're an addict, you need help.'
                                "When you read things about Michael Jackson it's hard to decipher what the f**k is true, but there's the story of how he woke up at whatever time and he needed something to go back to sleep because he has this or that and it didn't work - that's exactly what used to happen to me. I would take a couple of pills and I would be up an hour later and I'd want more."

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